Tehran's Rug

Tehran Carpet company is one of the leading companies in the field of machine made carpet industy in Iran which began Its work in 1991 with a capacity of 1,000,000 square meters.
It is distincted from all competitors in having a complete line of fibre dying , spinning , weaving and finishing .The complete line helps to optmise the use of raw material,improve the production process and therefore the quality of products.

A high quality of fibres and dye is necessary to achieve a good product with premium quality in this industry. Specially the fastness of dye is a must. Tehran Carpet Company observes all the mentioned necessities and benefits from state of the art machineris of Belgian Van De Wiele co. and German Schoenherr company which are the best machines throughout the world . In recent years , with large investments in different fields including qualified personels , we maintain our top rank in the pioneers of this field.
The designing group of Tehran Carpet company use the newest designing softwares to introduce the most creative carpet designs .Tehran carpet gallery is a collection of both traditional and modern designs to satisfy all tastes. Our designing group accepts custom design orders for homes, hotels, holy places, tableau carpets and gifts.